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G Shaped Rgb Light Table Lamp With Wireless Charger

G Shaped Rgb Light Table Lamp With Wireless Charger

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  • Intelligent Atmosphere Lamp Wireless Charger Bedside Lamp Sunrise Wake-up Lamp Polar Lamp Alarm Clock.
  • Wake up gently with this amazing Night .
  • The perfect accessory to help you have a better night’s sleep, this night light mimics the sunrise in nature and gently wakes you up while keeping the light soft and not dazzling. With a fast wireless charger.
  • You can use this lamp in any place where you need to charge your mobile phone, such as the bedside, bedroom, living room, home and office.
  • This is really practical. It is not only an atmosphere lamp, but also has fast wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, music, sleep lamp, sunrise wake-up lamp, atmosphere lamp, bedside lamp, dazzling light effect etc. You can use this great light when working, studying, reading and sleeping.
  • Product Dimension: 15″ x 15″
  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAH


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